Bootcamp 2015

Set Up - Introduced by Mrs. Oxnevad

Name your iPad

Go to Settings General > About > Name

  • 1st Name (last initial?)
  • Room 304
  • Smith

Set your lock screen

We want to begin with some very basic rules for all students who have 1:1 iPads. We also want to test your problem-solving skills with a challenge.

Here is a picture of the lock screen we would like you to use. Your challenge is to turn this image into your iPad lock screen. We also want you to label your image with the following information to easily identify it:
  • First name, last initial 
  • Room #
  • Beye
Can you figure out how to complete this challenge? What apps can you use to add the labels to the image? Remember, if you don't like the way the labels display, you can always try again. Good luck!


Additional Lessons - Introduced by Classroom Teachers

Setup (about 60 min.)

**This lesson will change slightly due to new enrollment procedures. Data and Instructional Technology Coach can lead this lesson
Students will be able to ...
  • Setup iPad for use
  • Log into email and Google Drive
  • Add teacher contacts
  • Create bookmarks in Safari
AUP Dos and Don’ts (at least 30 min.)
Students will be able to ...
  • Explain school policies for using their devices appropriately, both in and outside of school.
  • Understand materials (i.e. photos and videos) on their iPads are owned by district
  • Apply the AUP to real world situations.  
Care and Handling (at least 30 min.)
Students will be able to ...
  • Work individually or in small groups to create a project listing rules for care and handling of their iPads
  • Project should include:
  • A list of rules for care and handling
  • A list of when they are using and not using their devices
Internet Safety/Ethical Use (at least 30 min.)
Students will be able to ...
  • ‡‡Explain rules for being safe on the Internet.
  • Identify a good digital citizen as someone who is responsible and respectful in the digital world (and beyond).
  • Define and practice proper digital etiquette and academic use of a device.  
  • Understand what a “digital footprint” is and why it is important for it to make a positive impression/impact on others

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