Tech Team

Party Time

  • Find a date: June 6th? Take survey
    • Food: Pizza / Bring Food? / Allergies?
    • Tribute to Excellence
  • Device Collection: 
    • Remove label from cover
      • Turn in IPad
      • Case
      • Cover
      • Plug and Brick
    • Tribute to Excellence - certificates.

Vote for the official symbol of london

Please click on this link to explore London. You MUST use a computer today.

Mystery skype

The map below shows the simplest way to break down the Regions of the US. Since we don't have many students, we will start here. If we get more members, we can use a different map that breaks down each of these regions further to cover less territory. Tap on the icons below to view team captains. 

Click the Form to sign up for a Regional Team

January Check In

We will be working on 3 main projects in January and February. All tech team members should sign up for one of the projects through the form. This is due on Friday, January 29th.


Digital Learning Day

February 17, 2016 is Digital Learning Day. Schools across the world will be participating in activities that leverage the power of technology for learning. Watch the video to learn more. If you have any idea for Digital Learning Day or you would like to be part of plannin an activity, fill out the January Check in Form

It's not about technology, it's about learning!

App Creator Team

We are carefully investigating a few simple app creaters to see if we might be able to pilot use of this program to create our own educational apps to feature our learning. Do not sign up for any account. If you want to join this team or you know of a tool to try, fill out the January Check in Form.

Mystery Skype Team

A team of tech team members is needed to write, collect and fine tune questions for a Mystery Skype. Think of it as 20 questions. We need broad questions and specific questions. How can we keep track of questions? What additional tools do we need to improve our Mystery Skyping skills? Fill out the January Check in Form to join this team.

Badges Team

We need a team of students to design badges and explore ways for students to collect them. Are you creative? This could be the committee for you!



Carson B, Ashley B, Aidan T, and Aidan B are giving presentations to 3rd - 5th grade classes. If you are a member we hope you will join the team and help your classmates perform the iPad check ups when we come to your room.

Here is the presentation:


Opportunities to participate will be offered on Thursday and Friday at lunch. Stay tuned for more information.


Anyone ready to publish?




Tech Team will be held today in room 208 during lunch. Please come when it is not your time to eat. Bring your iPad and images for your genius hour passion poster.

11/2/2015: Tech Team meets genius hour

Genius Hour - Create a Passion Poster

What are you passionate about? Maybe it's the BlackHawks, perhaps it's music, could be fashion. Whatever it is, let's explore it by collecting images, creating a collage and bringing the idea to live with media.

Collage by Sammy - Watch it come to life!

Genius Hour Meets Tech Team 
Show Up with iPad to Get Started

When and Where? Room 208

  • 3rd Grade Students: Come before you eat on Mondays,11:00-11:25. 

  • 4th & 5th grade students: Come when the bell rings at 11:25



    • Pick a topic
    • Collect images
    • Create a collage
    • Add media to bring the ideas to life!

      Tech TEam - 11/2/2015

      1. Mystery Skype on Thursday, November 12
      2. Find photos of something that inspires you or something that is your passion.

      TECH TEAM  - 10/19/15

      Tech team will meet in room 208, which is the room next to the computer lab. All students should bring their iPads. You may drop them off in room 208 on your way to lunch.

      3rd Graders: Report to room 208 at 11:00 on Thursdays.
      4th & 5th Graders: Report to room 208 at 11:25 on Mondays.

      Apps Experts: Get Certified and Earn a Badge

      After doing some prep work, we are ready to begin getting certified at our next meeting. Our goal is to get certified in preparation to share our expertise with parents at a fair in January. The date is TBD right now. 

      Badges We're Working On

      • SketchBook Pro - Tate and Ella
      • iMovie - Liam 
      • Book Creator - Sammy
      • Explain Everything - Aidan

      Mystery Skype

      We're moving ahead with our plans to hold a Mystery Skype session with another classroom in the US. To prepare for this, students should think of some yes or no questions to ask the other class that will reveal their location. 

      Accessibility Features on an iPad

      3rd graders will be testing out "speak text" features with a tongue twister contest on Thursday to get the playing out of our system so we can use this feature when we need it for learning.

      Sign in

      Become a Ninja!
      We will begin with opportunities to become experts in specific apps. There will be an opportunity to become Ninja certified on individual apps and you can earn a badge. The first task is to work together by teams to create a list of all the apps available on iPads for your grade level. For this, we will use a Google Docs spreadsheet.
      1. Work together by grade level teams to list all of the apps on your device. Double check you list.
      2. Sign your name in column 2 if you are interested in working on this app.
        1. Grade 3
        2. Grade 4
        3. Grade 5


      The Product Deconstruction Challenge
      If you like to take things apart, the project is for you. We will take everyday products apart, analyze them to figure out what makes them work, and then we will try to put them back together.

      Global Collaboration
      We will be working with students and teachers in classrooms across the globe on a few projects throughout the year.

      Classroom Tech Leaders
      We will spend some time learning how to troubleshoot basic tech problems and questions so you can be a helpful leader in your classroom.

      We will explore coding beyond the Hour of Code.

      Tech Team is a student run club. Our first meeting will be used to generate ideas for our team at Beye.

      Here are some projects we worked on last year.

      Next Meeting: Wednesday May 27th in the Library

      Every school has a story to tell. This ThingLink was submitted to Bring the Textbook to Life without a location tag. Let's see if we can learn more about the Mystery School.

      "This school was just built after our old one was destroyed by an EF5 Tornado. The picture was taken a year after our entire town was destroyed."   
      -Cory Goetsch, Educator

      I've put the ThingLink on a Padlet and turned it into a Mystery Photo. Students and teachers are invited to explore the image. Click or tap on the Padlet to add comments or guess the location of this beautiful school. Try it!

      Check in on Wednesday on the Deck at Lunch. No iPads needed today. Just stop by please!

      • Vote on next topic - due today. 
      • Record voices
      • Student POW survey update and results / promotion

      Friday 4/30: Optional: Create Your Avatar Icon Charlotte N has a talent for this and can help.
      Or create and resize your avatar at home with directions over the weekend. 

      Speak Up Students!

      This week it's time to let students choose the Question of the Week for Living in the US - Bring the Textbook to Life! Find the form on the interactive image below and please vote.

      Show Us Your School

      Find the tags with your photos below. Drag your photo to the correct place on the school. Add a label with clear and concise text to describe your photo. Stop by ThinkTank on Wednesday to learn how.

      Games at Recess

      Join the Beye Tech Team

      Students who enjoying embracing the power of tech to make things work can come to ThinkTank at lunch to check in and we will put you to work on a task you will be good at! How can you help Beye School run more efficiently? When can you do it? How can you communicate? What skills do you have?

      All are welcome to join us during a scheduled meeting to share ideas.

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