Friday, March 4, 2016

Mystery Skype is Monday!

This is your one stop place to find information about our Mystery Skype Session on Monday, March 7th @11:00 am in room 208. 

Mystery Skype Jobs

Please check the list to confirm your Mystery Skype Job

What is Mystery Skype?

Watch a videotaped Skype Session

How to Prepare

Play 20 Questions this weekend with your family members, friends, and anyone who will play with you. 
    1. Think of a practice location.
    2. Ask Yes & No questions.
    3. Use the resources below to quickly find answers to the questions.
    4. If you find a good resource or think of a good question add it to our shared Google Doc. (This was sent from me via email on Thursday.)
    5. Have you turned in the job interest form? Jobs will be assigned when everyone turns in the form, or by 5:00 on Sunday.


  1. Google Earth on your iPad
  2. World Atlas
  3. Interactive Map (Used to cross off eliminated states)

Your Job

Have you filled out the form to select a job that suits your skills? Jobs will be announced on Sunday at 5:00 pm. You will receive an email.

What About Lunch?

You will be able to eat lunch in the lunchroom after the Mystery Skype. This will be no later than 12:00 on Monday.

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