Friday, January 17, 2014

BootCamp Begins Tuesday

The iPad Minis have arrived and we will begin Bootcamp on Tuesday! Find all bootcamp lessons and the schedule on the Bootcamp page. Access the BootCamp Tab at the top of the blog.

Each group of 5th grade students will begin the journey in the library 

Goals for our first day:

  1. Learn about the Acceptable Use Policy - Withers | Library Time
    1. Lesson Plan for Teachers: AUP Do's & Don'ts
    2. Note-taking Doc
  2. Take a brief technology survey - Use MacBooks in library
     Get Survey
  3. Distribute iPads to Students - Oxnevad | Bauman | Fogg | Johnson | Classrooms
     Record Keeping: Inventory Spreadsheet Must be logged in to Google Docs, access for teachers only.
  4. Basic Setup | Oxnevad, ongoing throughout day
    1. Get Directions
    2. Design a Unique Home Screen 
    3. Set Up Student Accounts 

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